About me


Hi, I'm Stiéphen!

Since October 2022, I'm a first-year PhD student under Nicolai Kraus' supervision at the FP Lab (University of Nottingham) working mainly on Higher Categories in Homotopy Type Theory (HoTT). I grew up in Toulouse, studied at Sorbonne University, Jussieu campus, in Paris (also known as UPMC or Paris VI) and now live in Nottingham.

I graduated in 2021 with a master's degree in Pure Mathematics at Sorbonne University with a specialisation in Homotopy and Higher Category Theory. I did my master's thesis under Clemens Berger's supervision on "Grothendieck's test category theory and the Dendroidal category".
Afterwards, since I got captivated by links and connections between Algebraic Topology and Type Theory by a short introduction to HoTT during a master's course taught by Pierre-Louis Curien, I spent some time learning about HoTT.
Before that, although I started my studies in Physics and Engineering (2013-2017), I switched to devote myself to mathematics by doing a bachelor's degree in Intensive Mathematics at the same university (2017-2019).


I will participate in the following events: